follow Jesus’ lead to responsibly care for and love all of God’s Creation

Creation Justice

Holladay United Church of Christ covenants to embody God’s extravagant love through our care for God’s Creation while seeking justice for the oppressed and vulnerable, and striving for healing and transformational relationships among ourselves, all people, all life, and the planet.

Nature Nurture

The Whole Earth Covenant of HUCC states our responsibility to be caretakers of Creation. Getting out into nature, really experiencing it firsthand (not just through books, movies, or our kitchen windows) develops an appreciation that leads to taking action to protect it. This ministry team will offer field trip opportunities to enjoy nature in the mountains, along the rivers, and in the wetlands, and put you in touch with service opportunities.

Opportunity to Participate

  • join as part of this ministry team to lead adventures or plan activities
  • join the field trips offered on weekends and occasionally on weekdays throughout
  • the year. Look for details, communicated through HUCC, at least 3 weeks prior to the event.
  • engage Salt Lake community events to learn more, have fun and support local nature and wildlife efforts

Vigil for Great Salt Lake Feb. 8, 2024

HUCC folks are invited to take part in the Vigil for the Great Salt Lake at the Utah State Capitol to show our love for Great Salt Lake and all of Creation that blesses our lives every day! Multiple faith groups are participating in vigil and Thursday, February 8 is our day!

What is this Vigil?

Each weekday afternoon of this Legislative Session at 5 p.m., people of all ages are joyfully celebrating our Great Salt Lake by walking around the Capitol, inviting restoration of the lake alongside folks dressed as phalaropes, plovers, brine shrimp and puppets of many other lake species. Folks will be invited to “fly the flocks” and become the brine shrimp! Music and singing are encouraged throughout. Our challenge is to be joyful and not dour.

Why the Vigil?

When the life of someone you love is at stake, you stay with them. Our Great Salt Lake is in peril. This vigil is an offering of presence, and yours will make a difference. As a Creation Justice Church, let’s make our love for Creation visible!

For those who can, we will meet at HUCC at 4 p.m. and carpool to the capital. We will bring along some hand percussion instruments for anyone to use. Shortly before 5 p.m. we will gather at the outside southeast corner of the capital building (next to all those steps). It’s important that we gather as a UCC group to show our congregational unity! Our vigil will last until around 6 p.m. when everyone is invited to hot chocolate. You are welcome to wear any UCC/HUCC clothing to this event!

Please RSVP by the morning of Feb. 8 to Becky Burrage at or Steve Ritchey at so that they can give the vigil organizers an idea of how many from HUCC will be there. Let’s all go and make our Creation Justice Church support for the Great Sale Lake known!

Check out this NPR interview with Terry Tempest Williams and Prof. Ben Abbott!
For information on keeping Vigil and Lobby Day on Thursday mornings, see this website:
Find your legislators here and write a short note of encouragement!  Send your note to  Governor CoxSpeaker Mike Schultz, and President Stuart Adams !  Here are some examples of letters.

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HUCC members put together this Easter devotional of art and reflections on the importance of Great Salt Lake and our relationship with it. Please enjoy this free magazine in time for your Earth Day celebrations! Print copies are available from the church office as needed.

Huge thanks to the Creation Justice Team, magazine founder Tom Sturgeon, and all our talented contributors! If you would like to get involved in the new Great Salt Lake Interfaith Action Coalition, please contact Becky Burrage. Together we CAN save Great Salt Lake.

Contact Information
Check out the Great Salt Lake Audubon for current volunteer opportunities and field trips: