Creation Justice Covenant

Holladay United Church of Christ is the 37th congregation to obtain status as a Creation Justice Church in the United Church of Christ!

Creation Justice logoIf you are interested in joining the Creation Justice Team at HUCC, you can reach Christopher Thomas through our church administrator Peter, at


Holladay United Church of Christ covenants to embody God’s extravagant love through our care for God’s Creation while seeking justice for the oppressed and vulnerable, and striving for healing and transformational relationships among ourselves, all people, all life, and the planet.

In fulfillment of this covenant, Holladay United Church of Christ commits ourselves, individually and collectively, and commissions the HUCC Creation Justice Team to:

  • Explore, recommend to church leadership, and support sustainable improvements in the facilities and operation of our church, as we seek to set a positive example for others;
  • Educate, inform, and inspire church members, friends, and the community to adopt sustainable practices where possible at home and in our personal lives;
  • Advocate for a healthy environment and a safe climate, seeking solidarity with those on the front lines of harm, and with compassion for all who feel vulnerable; and
  • Endeavor to build a social movement based on “transforming lives through love,” and with a spirit of civility toward all.

We will, guided by the Holy Spirit and to the best of our capacity, follow Jesus’ lead to responsibly care for and love all of God’s Creation. Jesus’ second greatest commandment was to ‘love our neighbors as ourselves.’  Our neighbors include all humans, and the furred, feathered, and finned creatures, as well as all other life, extending to the far corners of the world.

This covenant was initially established and approved by the congregation in May 2007, and revised with unanimous approval on May 23, 2021.

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