Season of Stewardship Continues

Our church changes lives. Throughout it’s 70 years, HUCC has made significant and positive differences in the lives of members, those in the greater Salt Lake City community and paople around the state, nation and world. Our progressive Christian presence continues only with the generous financial and volunteer support of our church family. The mission and ministries of our congregation engages our hearts – it’s why we belong, why we volunteer and why we give.

One of the best ways to ensure that our tradition of “Love in Action” continues is to make a financial pledge to HUCC for 2024. A church pledge, or “estimate of giving”, represents a financial and spiritual commitment to HUCC for the coming year, recognizing the value 0f our progressive faith family. When we receive giving estimates from our members and friends, it helps us plan our church budget for everything from pay for staff, to building and ground maintenance, to help for those in need in our community.

If you haven’t pledged before, please thoughtfully consider doing so for 2024. If you are already pledging, consider raising your financial support of HUCC by an amount you can afford. As a congregational denomination, the larger United Church of Christ does not provide routine financial assistance to local churches. Rather, each congregation provides direction through their local lay leaders and the pastor and funds their church based on local needs. As many of you know, HUCC members approve the annual budget for the church every January. Our finances are fully transparent and your giving is confidential.

Additional stewardship information will be found here, at worship and on social media over the next several weeks. If you have any questions about what it means to pledge to HUCC, please let Dennis Bayes  know. He’s happy to speak with you!